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Who We Are

Tshimole Publications Worldwide

We are a publications company that has evolved to revolutionize the publishing ecosystem to cement powerful elevation of the fact that those who control the Narrative control the Future, with a strong foundation and focus on influencing the framing and reshaping of the history and developmental agenda and programs, underpinned by presenting Africa as a continent ripe for uncapping its full potential for sustainable global collaboration.

Our flagship offering the publication of our bimonthly digital business magazine, ElevatingQuipoe, and  include provision of marketing, speaker personal branding, hosting of empowering, powerful, elevating events online in physical, collaborative blogging and reshaping developmental programs to name a few

We take cognisance of the fact that pursing and elevating critical attributes, principles and traits like consistency, collaboration over competition, integrity, critical thinking, empowerment, courage, humility, responsibility, love, inspirational leadership is very critical

We also provide marketing, speaker personal branding including hosting online and physical events interspersed with our blog to enrich the content and value proposition to the market

We are your strategic partner and facilitator in your book writing and publishing journey.



Contributing Spots

Are you a subject specialist, a thought leader wanting to launch yourself as a season writer to grow into receiving speaking and writing invites in other developing and developed publications to increase the impact and change your work and expertise could make to the world of business and entrepreneurs?  Are you passionate about elevating yourself as a woman and youth innovator eager to cement and announce your agility, flexibility and thought and influencer transition in any aspects that could reshape our ecosystem? Connect and collaborate with us to so that we could level the playing ground for you

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Cover Story

Our cover story package includes you being featured on the Front and or Backpage cover of our digital business magazine.  You will also be featured

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Are you eager to powerfully elevate your thought, transformative and influencer leadership, brand and expertise  then look no further   Your BRAND = Your POWER, Your ELEVATION